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formula student

about formula student

Formula Student is the world’s biggest competition for engineers. Every year competitions are held all across the globe. Founded by the «Society of Automotive Engineers» in 1981, the first competition in Europe took place in 1998. At present, there are more than 600 teams from universities all over the world competing with their self-constructed race cars.

The goal is to develop and provide a platform for student engineers to experience, build, and learn. It offers a unique way to test students’ theoretical knowledge in a practical context. Students gain and develop skills such as engineering, project management and team work.

The winner is not necessarily the team with the fastest car, but the one with the best package regarding construction, performance, financial planning and sales arguments.


Statics (325 Points):

Business Plan

75 Pt.

Cost and Manufacturing

100 Pt.

Engineering Design

150 Pt.

Dynamics (675 Point):


75 Pt.


75 Pt.


100 Pt.

dynamic events


325 Pt.


100 Pt.

static events

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