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DJSR E01 is the first electric race car by DJS Racing. This car is a result of a year and a half of study and research and focuses on developing a reliable powertrain for the upcoming cars.



AISI 1018 Steel Tubular Spaceframe.
Self-Designed and Optimised Aluminium 7075 Removable Rear Bulkhead
Ergonomically designed according to the needs of the drivers
Compact and lightweight Aluminium Honeycomb Impact Attenuator


3D Printed Ergonomic Steering Wheel. Carbon Fibre Steering Column. Krontec Quick Release. Carbon Fibre Tie and Toe Rods
Newly Incorporated Gear Shifting and Clutch Actuation Paddles


Saietta motors 119r (air cooled). Peak torque 64.69 N-m 58 rpm/volt


Double Unequal Length CFRP A-Arms
Push/Pull Rod Actuation at the Front and Rear
Ohlins TTX125 Adjustable Damping System
Hoosier R25B 18 x 6 – 10” Racing Tires
Keizer Aluminium Rims
3 Way Adjustable Stiffness Z Type Anti-Roll Bar


Self-Designed Custom Rotor
Driver Adjustable Ergonomic Pedal Box Assembly
ISR Front Calipers and Custom Calipers for Rear Wheels


A123 pouch cells (90 cells). Cell configuration 45s2p. Available energy 6.840 kWh

Cover Image E01.jpg


Formula Bharat 2019

Only Indian team to bring two cars to the competition, DJSR 04 and DJSR E01

4th in the Design Event

2nd in the Cost event

8th in the Business Plan Presentation

4th Overall


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