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DJSR 03’s first competition was Formula Bharat 2017 held in Coimbatore where team finished 6th overall. We were awarded 1st Prize in Design Event because of our excellent skills on validating the concepts behind designing the car. Along with this, team performed really well in static events and were 2nd best in Static events and 3rd most fuel efficient car at the competition.

The team even qualified for Formula Student Germany by being the 10th fastest team to clear the quiz all around the world. For this event, the car was upgraded after its Indian competition by implementing Drexler Differential, Data Acquisition System, Race Capture, etc. It was acclaimed the Best Indian team at the competition and was the 2nd best Asian team too. Team secured 41st position overall with 13th place in Design event, 16th place in Design event and 23rd place in Business Plan. Also, it was the sole Indian team to complete all Dynamic events.

DJS racing is the only team in the history of formula Bharat to win the award for the best designed car for two consecutive years

Weight - 180 kgs



Steel tubular space frame chassis.

Laser cut tube profiling.
Compact design, lower center of gravity, light weight (25 kg’s)
Self-designed and optimized Carbon Fiber impact attenuator.
Efficient packaging and additional driver comfort.


Carbon fiber steering wheel
Carbon fiber steering column
Sparaco quick release
Reduced turning radius and increased cornering ability
Carbon fiber tie rods and toe rods
ABS 3D printed steering wheel grip


Water Cooled Rich Burn KTM Duke 390 Engine.
Displacement: 390cc
Engine Control Unit: PE3
Wet Sump Lubrication
3D Printed Intake Manifold
Custom resonated exhaust system.


Custom programmable Performance Electronics PE3 ECU
Custom Wiring Harness
Electronic Solenoid Shifter with ignition interrupt
Data Acquisition System with telemetry.


Double Unequal length A Arm
Push/Pull Rod actuation at front and rear
Penske Quarter Midget Dampers by Kaz Technologies.
Hoosier, R25B, 18 x 6 -10″ racing slicks, Keizer Aluminum RimsandAnti-roll bar.


Self-made custom rotor
Adjustable pedal box
Ergonomic pedal design. ISR Brake calipers
AP Racing master cylinders
Al-6061 CNC machined Pedals
Goodridge brake adaptors and joints


Power Transmission via Chain on Rear Axle
Sequential 6 Speed Transmission integrated in Engine Casing.
Clutch less Button Upshifting.
Clutch type limited slip Drexler differential.


Used vacuum bagging process for manufacturing complete carbon fiber bodyworks. Implemented self-designed and manufactured aerodynamic undertray.



Formula Bharat 2017 (DJSR 03.v1)

Formula Student Germany

2017 (DJSR 03.v2)

Formula Bharat 2018 (DJSR 03.v2)

1st in the Design Event

13th in the Cost event

1st in the Design Event

2nd in Static Events

3rd in Fuel Efficiency

6th in the Cost Event

11th in Business Presentation

6th position Overall

16th in the Design event

19th in the Endurance Run

23rd in Business Presentation

41st position Overall

1st in the Cost Event

1st in Skidpad event

2nd in fuel efficiency

4th position overall


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