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The car was designed and conceptualised during the lockdown due to COVID-19. Manufacturing took place during the short intervals of time when restrictions were eased. This meant that the manufacturing phase took place on an extremely constrained timeline. This car participated in Formula Bharat 2022, with few improvements the same car participated in Formula Bharat, 2023.



AISI 1018 Steel Tubular Spaceframe.

Self-Designed Aluminium 7075 Removable Rear Bulkhead using Topology Optimisation.

Ergonomically designed according to the Drivers' Comfort.

Compact Packaging, self-designed and lightweight Carbon Fibre Impact Attenuator.

Self-designed and in-house manufactured full aerodynamic package. Aerodynamic package comprises a triple element Frontwing, a triple element Rearwing, a 3 part undertray with 2 side diffusers and 1 rear diffuser.

Multiple in-house manufactured composite components which include bodyworks, dashboard, steering wheel etc.


Carbon Fibre Ergonomic Steering Wheel

Double UV joint

Krontec Quick Release


Emrax 228 HV Axially fluxed AC synchronous motor, max torque 138Nm and max RPM of 4300 RPM


Double Unequal Length A-arms

Pushrod actuation at both Front and Rear

KW Inline 3 way Adjustable Damping System

Hoosier R25B 16x6-10” Racing Tires

Keizer Aluminium Rims 

3 way Adjustable Stiffness U Type Anti-Roll Bar


Self-Designed Custom Rotor

Driver Adjustable Ergonomic Pedal Box Assembly

ISR Front and Rear Calipers


Molicel P42a 21700 lithium ion cylindrical cells in a configuration of 128s4p and total energy of 32MJ



Formula Bharat 2022

Business Plan Presentation: 2nd

Cost & Manufacturing Event: 4th

Design Event: 5th

4th Overall

Formula Bharat 2023

Cost & Manufacturing Event: 2nd

Business Plan Presentation: 9th

Design Event: 5th

5th Overall


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