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DJSR05 was our final combustion car. The car was built with a focus on data acquisition and reliability. In the face of an unforeseen critical failure on day zero of FSG 2019, we put in tremendous amounts of efforts to get the car back up and running. Not only did the car perform in dynamic events, it was the fastest car in the engine category in autocross in FSG 2019. We were awarded the “Never give up” award in recognition of our perseverance by the judges. We finished its season with Formula Bharat 2020.

Weight - 182 kgs



Double Unequal Length CFRP A-Arms

Push Rod Actuation at Front and Rear

Ohlins TTX25 Adjustable Damping System

Hoosier R25B 16 x 6 – 10” Racing Tires

Keizer Aluminium Rims

3 Way Adjustable Stiffness Z Type Anti-Roll Bar

Topology optimized bellcranks


Self-Designed Custom Rotor

Driver Adjustable Ergonomic Pedal

Box Assembly

ISR Front Calipers and

Custom Calipers for Rear Wheels

Aerodynamics and composites

Self-designed aerodynamic components including under-tray, front and rear wings, side pods

Aero package comprised of Double element front wing, triple element rearwing, central diffuser

Implementation of drag Reduction System (DRS) using pneumatics and the lightest vehicle with aerodynamics package


Power Transmission via Chain on Rear Axle

6 Speed Sequential Transmission System

Paddle Controlled Electro-Pneumatic Gear Shifting System

Drexler Limited Slip Differential


AISI 1018 Steel Tubular Spaceframe.

Self-Designed and Optimised Aluminium 7075 Removable Rear Bulkhead

Ergonomically designed according to the needs of the drivers

Compact, light weight and self designed Carbon Fibre Impact Attenuator


Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

Carbon Fibre Steering Column. Krontec Quick Release

Carbon Fibre Tie and Toe Rods

Newly Incorporated Gear Shifting and Clutch Actuation Paddles


Water Cooled KTM RC 390 Engine

Self-Designed Cooling System

Intake Manifold 3D Printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Custom Made Lightweight Titanium Series resonator muffler exhaust system

High Performance In-line Fuel System



Custom Programmable Performance Electronics PE3 ECU

Custom Wiring Harness

Digital driver display and shift lights

Custom Power Distribution Module

Paddle Controlled Servo Motor Actuated Clutch

RaceCapture Pro MK3 Data Logger and Telemetry



Formula Student Germany 2019

Given “Never Give Up” award

4th highest scored in Cost Event

Formula Bharat 2020

1st in Cost Event


8th in Business Plan


2nd in Skidpad


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